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By nadinescakes2012, Feb 26 2017 12:21PM

In recent times Mothering Sunday or Mothers Day has been seen as a day that we show our gratitude to our mothers by way of a small gift. The shops are full of Mothers Day cards and flowers.

But where does this special day come from? Mothering Sunday originally meant travelling back to our mother church, the main church in the area where you were born. This would mean that your family came together for the day. Many workers, especially those that were working ‘in service’, would be given the day off to travel home. On the way they would often pick flowers from the hedgerows to take home for their mother. Mothering Sunday is always the fourth Sunday of Lent and was also known as Refreshment Sunday as the fasting restrictions of Lent were relaxed for the day. Traditionally, Simnel Cake was associated with Mothering Sunday. This is a fruitcake sandwiched with marzipan and topped with a layer of marzipan and eleven balls of marzipan that represented the eleven disciples (Judas was not included). Sugar violets were added in recognition of the hedgerow flowers that were often presented.

Mothers Day in the US is a very different day, which is celebrated, in mid May. It originated in 1908 and was created by Anna Jarvis in memory of her own mother. It became an official US holiday in 1914 and traditionally involved presenting mothers with flowers, gifts and cards.

Todays Mothers Day is an amalgamation of the two styles of Mothers Day. The majority of children give their mother a gift and a card on Mothers Day and it is often a day that the whole family get together.

Why not make your Mothers Day gift a little different from the usual bunch of flowers or box of chocolates? At Nadine’s Cakes and Celebrations you will find a variety of lovely cake gifts that will please your Mother.

By nadinescakes2012, Feb 15 2017 11:13PM

Vintage styling, especially for weddings, has really taken off. From the wedding dress and décor at the venue to the car that takes you to the event, vintage is popping up everywhere. And, why not? It’s a great theme that gives you a sense of the good old days.

Vintage fashion could be elegant or playful, either Audrey Hepburn or Doris Day! Whatever rocks your boat goes; there’s plenty to choose from. Wedding dresses came in elegant satin brocades or if you’re more rock ‘n roll you might like a skater dress style.

If you would like a vintage style wedding make sure your cake maker can help with the overall effect. Your wedding cake should reflect the style of your wedding whether it has flowers and pearls or bunting and colour!

To compliment your wedding cake table you might want to add cupcakes in vintage tea cups. You might even want to carry on the theme with vintage tea cups for all your guests. There are hire companies that can supply vintage china for your big day.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a wedding to use the vintage theme. Any party will swing going vintage. Get the guests to dress up in vintage clothes and really go for it! Don’t forget that a party without cake is just a meeting – so get your cake order in.

Even if you don’t have a party lined up in the near future, check Nadine’s Cakes & Celebrations website for details of vintage cupcake classes and you can bring your own vintage style home for tea!

By nadinescakes2012, Jan 28 2017 01:57PM

When it comes to choosing the style of your wedding cake some clients have clear ideas about what they want, many just want to follow a colour theme or some have no idea at all. Here are some tips to help you plan the centerpiece of your wedding day.

1. Have a look through some bridal magazines or Google wedding cakes just to get an idea of the type of cake that you like.

2. What colour theme will you be having for your wedding day? Often the bridesmaids and gentlemen’s ties will be colour coordinated and you may want elements of this colour on your cake.

3. What flowers are you having in your bouquet? You may want some of the same flowers replicated in sugar paste for your wedding cake topper. Please note: much though fresh flowers are lovely it is inadvisable to use them on an edible product due to pesticides etc. that may be present on them. Check your chosen cake maker has the skills to produce realistic flowers as they may be something that you wish to keep forever.

4. Know your budget. While it is easy to want a spectacular cake it’s not so easy to pay for it! Bear in mind that intricate details, wired flowers and ruffles are all quite time consuming and therefore come at a cost. Speak to your cake maker so that you get the best you can for your budget. Obviously, a four tier cake will cost a lot more than a two tier cake.

5. Which brings me nicely to – know how many people you need to feed with the cake. If you’re having a big reception you will need a larger cake! There are always other options than just having a large cake (although that is spectacular). Speak to your cake maker about adding in cupcakes or other goodies that may help spread the cost. You may want to dress the cake table with cupcakes and cookies so don’t forget that they can be eaten as well. Lots of weddings also have popcorn or sweets for their guests as, strangely, not everyone likes cake. Remember to ask your cake maker if this can be provided too.

6. Choose your flavours. A good cake maker will give you the opportunity to taste different flavours of cake and buttercream. You can find a list of flavours on the website.

7. Finally, visit your cake maker. At Nadine’s Cakes and Celebrations you will be able to see examples of Nadine’s work and plenty of pictures of wedding cakes she has made in the past. You may also note the Cake International Awards on the wall and the 5* score on the door from the local environmental health department, which is all very comforting. Nadine will take the time to sit down with you to discuss your wedding plans and come up with a bespoke design especially for you. You can feel confident that even with the very least information, Nadine will conjure up a magical cake for your special day.