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By nadinescakes2012, Dec 4 2017 12:50AM

Back duing the half term school holidays at the end of October I held some simple fun cupcake workshops for children.

We started off the session by decorating the boxes they were to take the cupcakes home in with pens & stickers, then each child had 2 vanilla cupcakes which they could decorate at their own leisure with a selection of seasonal sweets and decoartions. Tools, cutters & moulds were available for those that wanted to make their own decorations.

On this occasion there were 2 groups both of which were brilliant. Due to the session being more about having fun and basically decorating the cupcake however they wish, it's really lovely to see how their imaginations work when free to do their own thing.

These short workshops are usually held at seasonal times throught the year, please contact me or see the website for more details.

By nadinescakes2012, Jun 27 2017 01:44PM

The 2017 Wedding Season is in full swing right now. Here at the studio wedding cakes are definitely the order of the day with some absolutely beautiful orders this year. Most 2017 brides have already booked their cakes but don’t hesitate to get in touch if you still need a cake, I might be able to help. I am now taking bookings for 2018 & 2019 (and later if needed).

For those of you that are already married a celebration cake for your anniversary certainly fits the occasion. You don’t have to wait for your Silver or Golden Wedding, there are plenty of others to choose from. If you’re not sure which anniversary yours is here’s a list...

1st – Paper

2nd – Cotton

3rd – Leather

4th – Fruit and Flowers

5th – Wood

6th – Sugar

7th – Copper and Wool

8th – Bronze

9th – Pottery or Willow

10th – Tin

11th – Steel

12th – Silk

13th – Lace

14th – Ivory

15th – Crystal

16th – Topaz

17th – Amethyst

18th – Garnet

19th – Aquamarine

20th – China

21st – Brass

22nd – Copper

23rd – Silver Plate

24th – Musical Instruments

25th – Silver

26th – Original Pictures

27th – Sculpture

28th – Orchids

29th – New Furniture

30th – Pearl

31st – Timepieces

32nd – Vehicles

33rd – Amethyst

34th – Opal

35th – Coral

36th – Bone China

37th – Alabaster

38th – Beryl

39th – Lace

40th – Ruby

41st – Land

42nd – Real Estate

43rd – Travel

44th – Groceries

45th – Sapphire

46th – Poetry

47th – Books

48th – Optical Goods

49th – Luxuries

50th – Gold

55th – Emerald

60th – Diamond

70th – Platinum

75th - Diamond

By nadinescakes2012, May 30 2017 11:02PM

I’m one of six siblings and when it comes to gifts for Dad we always hit the same stumbling block. “Oh, don’t waste your money on me” is the usual response to our enquiries of what he might like.

The trouble is that Dad doesn’t really need any presents like socks or beer. The one thing he really wants is his family around him. So for birthdays, Christmas and Fathers Day we all get together and visit him and he’s in his element!

The one thing we can do is to take food to share and, of course, that always includes cake. Dad’s favourite cake is chocolate drip cake covered in all the chocolates he enjoys and it always goes down well with the rest of the family too.

As we’re a big family it always warrants a big cake (nobody ever turns down cake) but if it’s just you and your Dad you could scale it down to a couple of cupcakes or even just a small cake. It’s always a welcome gift and a little personalisation goes a long way. Choose Dad’s favourite flavor and add a personal message, it’s sure to bring a tear to his eye.

So, for this special day treat Dad to a special cake that shows that you’ve gone the extra mile and leave the socks on the shelf!